Anna Shkolnikova

Anna Shkolnikova - KOMPOZER

Anna Shkolnikova-Kompozer
Composer, pianist, musicologist, organizer of many cultural and artistic events. Born in Moscow, Russia. In three years, began his first lessons on the piano, a renowned educator L. Holyembo. A graduate of Lviv music ten years after. Krushelnitska piano. In 2004 she graduated from the historical and theoretical faculty of the Lviv Conservatory and received a master's degree, and in 2008 and composer of the same department of the university diploma work "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra." In 2006 - 2007 year on the recommendations of the composition department, was sent to study in IA them. Tchaikovsky in class academician, peopleís artist of Ukraine, zav.kaf. composition and instrumentation - Stankovic EF Anna Shkolnikova many concerts as composer and pianist in Ukraine and abroad. From 2006 - 2008 gave several recitals in Ukraine and Germany. Her music sounds in assorted concerts in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Germany, USA, Spain and Finland.
Anna Shkolnikova has won international and national competitions: 2002-2003-2004 festival of national cultures, Lviv - Laureate Diploma, 2006 - Art Competition, Lions - Laureate Diploma, 2004 - The winners of the prize named. I. Vymera "Golden Rose" Festival of the presentation of symbols at the First International Festival and Competition them. I. Vymera (Ukraine-Austria) for the best work using their own national folklore; winner of the qualifying rounds in the category "Song" on the right to participate in cultural activities in the International European Congress "DER UDEN CENTRALRAT IN DEUTCSHLAND" - Berlin (Germany);
2009 - Winner of Ukrainian Composers Competition under the "Choral Assembly named. Leontovich (III rd prize for the best architectural work) - Vinnitsa, 2010 - Laureate of the International Festival "Music Without Borders" - Diploma for high skill composer - Kharkov.
In 2005-2006, the organizing committee was invited to the festival - contest "Golden Rose named. I. Vymera "to the jury as an executive secretary. From 2000 - 2004, R., She is a recipient of international Jewish orahnizatsiy for an active composer and performing activities. Since July 2009 Shkolnikova Anna was invited to collaborate with the theater "HOFNUNG" (Germany), as composer and musical director.
She is a participant and laureate of prestigious international festivals in Ukraine and abroad. In the creative works of the composer of over 50 works of various genres: chamber-instrumental, choral, vocal, music for kids music for theatrical productions, ensemble and symphonic music. Now composer completes work on two large-scale works. Concerto for Violin and Concertino for two guitars and chamber orchestra. In 2009 he was specially written piece commissioned by the Department Chamber Ensemble LNMA them. Lysenko's First All-Ukrainian contest for chamber ensembles and quartets, which was held in Lviv. In 2009 - 2010 was held on its new prime minister "intrepid works at the international forum" Youth Music "(Kyiv) International festival" Friendship Bridge Ukraine-Russia ". Moscow (Russia) 2010 - First International Festival "Music Without Borders" - Kharkov, and in April - at the presentation of piano duo (SHAT) - Moscow (Russia). Her works carry famous musicians, laureates of international contests - string quartet "POST SKRIPTUM" (Kyiv), String Quartet CIM - (Moscow, Russia), Piano duet SHAT - (Moscow, Russia), string quartets of the Lviv Conservatory (Creative Director - prof. A. Mykytka), Lviv region famous musicians, choir "Trembita" - Hood. Coeur. M. Kulik - Lviv. Anna Shkolnikova 2005-2006 is a member workshops on composition Yuvalda Shekida (Israel) and ensemble Reshersh (Freiburg).
Latest sheet music
Journey to the River Main, Op.3
Classical / Piece
Morning Paris for Piano, Op.2
Classical / Piece
Presto, Op.9
Classical / Instrumental
Вариации, Op.23
Classical / Instrumental
Ирландские напевы, Op.2
World / Ethnic / Irish
Piano Duet 'Шаги, шаги... Дождь', Op.3
Classical / Contemporary
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